Spotify for Windows Phone 8

Almost any music you could want, always at your fingertips

Spotify is a music streaming app that lets you listen to millions of songs on your Windows Phone device. View full description


  • Large and growing library
  • Excellent quality sound
  • Offline mode
  • Great looking interface
  • Offers lots of ways to discover music


  • Battery killer over mobile networks!

Very good

Spotify is a music streaming app that lets you listen to millions of songs on your Windows Phone device.

Unlimited music on tap

You can use the app to listen to anything from Spotify's huge and expanding library. You can sync with playlists you have on your desktop, create new ones, or just listen to tracks, albums, or artist selections.

Spotify is getting better and better at music discovery and there are plenty of ways to expand your musical awareness through the app. For example, the combined Search & Browse section allows you to explore curated playlists based on different genres of music. There are thousands available and it's a great way to check out sub-genres of the type of music you like.

The Discover feature of Spotify is a more simple way of discovering new stuff you might like. It recommends artists, songs, and albums based on your listening habits, and what people nearby are listening to.

Playlists are a key feature of Spotify. You can use the app to listen to playlists you've already created via the mobile, desktop or web versions of Spotify. And there's more you can do with playlists too, including editing, sharing, or even making them collaborative, so others can add songs to them.

Spotify supports offline listening, which is a godsend for saving on mobile data. Simply mark a playlist as 'Available offline' and the tracks will be cached to your device so you can listen to them without a connection.

The Radio feature within Spotify is another neat way of discovering tracks and artists you might enjoy. You can listen to stations based on a genre, or build stations around artists, tracks, and even playlists that you've been playing.

You can change the audio quality of tracks in Spotify in the Settings menu. Even on the 'Normal' setting the quality is pretty good but if you want crystal clear quality you can ramp it up to 'Extreme' (though obviously this puts a load on streaming performance).

Classy design

We love the design of the Spotify interface for Windows Phone, which was recently revamped in version of the app. The interface is not only clear and easy to move around, but it looks modern and stylish too.

The Spotify app is generally easy to use. It features a slide-out sidebar listing all the main features of the app. Playlists are more fiddly to edit than they are in the iOS version of the app, for example, and there's no way to easily reorder tracks in playlists from within the app.

A joy for music lovers

Spotify really gives other music discovery apps a run for their money with its hip, functional interface and impressive song library.

What's new in Spotify

Spotify for Windows Phone is now free, meaning that you can now listen to any artist, album or playlist in shuffle mode. You can also discover new music by listening to the radio or following people and listening to their playlists in shuffle mode.

Spotify has also introduced additional updates throughout the app, such as improving the way search results look and making it easier to browse artists you already like or discover new, related artists.



Spotify for Windows Phone 8